Why I Love Scentsy!


I love Scentsy because of their products!

They have unique scents, and beautiful warmers. They are always releasing new.. trendy items.. They have a pets line, and even stuff for the kids. They usually always have Disney Buddies in stock, and adorable Buddy Clips of all kinds of cute animals!

Why I Joined Scentsy!


I joined Scentsy just for the cashback on my own orders, and those of my friends and family! I have since been able to hit Scentsational Start Level 1 & 2, Promote To Lead Consultant, Earn Trainer Rewards, and built a team of 10 other consultants!

These were never my intentions.. I joined just to get a few free wax bars, or warmers here and there from party rewards. My only regret was not joining the company sooner!

If you are interested in doing what I do.. or even just kit-napping you a kit, and using your account to host parties for rewards.. click the button below to learn everything about joining Scentsy as a consultant today!

Earn Rewards Host A Party!

Get your Scentsy fix!

Earn Host Rewards — free and half-price products — as soon as your party hits $200 in sales. The bigger the party, the bigger your rewards!

No matter what party style you choose, use our Party Page to share it on Facebook so you can spread the love far and wide (and increase your party sales for more rewards).

Below are the rewards for the party sizes! Parties are based on dollar amounts before tax and shipping fees!


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please Reach Out On Social Media!

We have provided various Social Media Accounts for you to reach out to us on! We would be more than happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that were not answered here, or on our forwarding websites!